Senior Living, Ondra

Project Details :
A retirement housing concept planned with the vision and aim to improve the quality of life, a residence in a gated community that is a retreat in a scenic locale, on the outskirts of Ranchi city with all the activities for senior citizens and necessary amenities for the frail.

Our vision:

To create an Elder-friendly community that shall be conducive to bettering physical health and mental well-being, compensate for frailties and disabilities, and promote social and civic engagement. The design we are proposing shall be eco-friendly, budget conscious and still offer all required amenities, on-site health center, assisted living, daily meals, etc… to ensure retiring in comfort.

The Unit

  • Compact
  • Budget friendly
  •  Elderly friendly
  • Differently-abled friendly

We acknowledge, with thanks, the efforts put in by Ms. Suhasini Mishra, Ms Sudha Sah, Principal Architects and their team  at Sukriti Design Studio, who have painstakingly developed the Architectural Design for the Complex. Their work has been appreciated by all the members.

- Ondra Senior Citizens Society